Caring for someone else can often be demanding, and you are not alone if you feel overwhelmed at times. Feeling stress out? You find it harder to care for your loved one?

Here are 4 tips that can help you avoid and overcome caregiver stress:

Peer Support in Home Care

It can help to talk to other people who have faced similar situations. Even if their experience isn’t exactly the same as yours,finding common ground with other caregivers can make you feel less alone and isolated. There are different ways that you can get in touch with others. Social media like Twitter or Facebook are really helpful to get emotional support from friends. It is great way to vent frustration and talk to others in a similar place.

Government Support in Home Care

You can ask for social services available in your area. For example, LHIN (www.lhins.on.ca) can arrange for for PSW to take over some of yours caring responsibilities.

Technology in Home Care

You can search for technology that would helps with care, such as adapted telephones or monitoring devices which help people stay as independent as possible.

Respite Care in Home Care

If your budget allows, you can search for professional care workers. There are a lot of caregivers’ agencies in your area that can provide you with temporary respite care..

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