Dementia Care

We at ADA Extended Home Care offer a unique approach to dementia care and understand the challenges faced by families of loved ones with Alzheimer’s & Dementia and are delighted to share our unique approach to home care for seniors with memory loss. Living with someone with Alzheimer’s & Dementia brings new challenges in daily care as the disease progresses and your loved one’s ability to manage daily tasks declines.

Reducing frustration is one of the key element in Dementia care. A person with Alzheimer’s & Dementia might become agitated when once-simple tasks become difficult. To limit challenges and ease frustration:

  • Schedule wisely. Establish a routine to make each day less agitating and confusing. People with Alzheimer’s & Dementia can still learn and follow routines. Often it is best to schedule tasks, such as bathing or medical appointments, when the person is most alert and refreshed. Allow some flexibility within the routine for spontaneous activities.
  • Take your time. Expect things to take longer than they used to. Allow the person with Alzheimer’s & Dementia to have frequent breaks. Schedule more time for tasks so that you don’t need to hurry him or her.
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