Mission & Values

Mission & Values

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We at ADA Extended Home Care know how challenging simple movement can be for bedridden or low- mobility clients. Exercising is an …

Many of you have either heard of or seen the incredible effects that music can have on people with dementia. Music therapy is an …

The flu / common cold season is coming.A s we age, our immune systems often aren’t able to fight off infections as effectively …

Preventing Falls Exercise

Balance is a skill that often declines with age, and often with little warning. With aging, changes in flexibility, muscle strength, body …

Who We Are

We are able to offer competitive rates. As an insured professional health care agency we provide highly qualified, caring and professional caregivers that go through an extensive orientation, have training in CPR, have cleared a police check, and have required vaccinations.

We will guide you through government funded home health services and will maximize your health care dollars by providing only services not covered by the government.

Our Mission

Our commitment to collaborative and accessible care requires cooperation with our broader health care communities. We uphold respectful interactions that are grounded in kindness, compassion, and integrity in all our endeavors. By embracing these values every day and in every interaction, we empower our staff and support our patients, families, and caregivers in realizing our vision of exceptional care, regardless of their location. At ADA Extended Home Care, our mission is to create opportunities for clients to receive high-quality care in the comfort of their own homes. 

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